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CYNIC Premiere The Official Music Video For “Diamond Light Body”

new cynic album, CYNIC Premiere The Official Music Video For “Diamond Light Body”

CYNIC’s new studio album, “Ascension Codes”, dropped today, (November 26th) along with the music video for the song “Diamond Light Body“ which features artwork by Martina Hoffman and Robert Venosa.

In other news, the band’s vocalist/guitarist Paul Masvidal will be hosting an album release party in his hometown of Miami, FL on Saturday, November 27th at Gramps.

“Ascension Codes” is a remarkably far-reaching work, and if nothing else, a clear indication that CYNIC has landed in a place of mastery. The album, paradoxically, acts as both swan song and rebirth.

CYNIC’s continual state of development has met its share of challenges over the years, hurdles that threatened to dismantle the entity’s forward surge. Yet through hurricanes, breakups, and assorted acrimony both personal and existential, it remains inspired to create.

Their name is synonymous with what it means to be truly progressive in music. CYNIC’s top-tier performance acumen and cerebral/spiritual/yogic themes finds them inhabiting a corner of the musical spectrum all their own. Their Venn diagram shows intersections with death metal, prog rock, thrash metal, experimental, new age, jazz fusion, and a myriad of other sonic expressions.

Track listing:

01. Mu-54* (0:32)
02. The Winged Ones (5:08)
03. A’-va432 (0:28)
04. Elements And Their Inhabitants (3:09)
05. Ha-144 (0:30)
06. Mythical Serpents (6:24)
07. Sha48* (0:19)
08. 6th Dimensional Archetype (4:07)
09. DNA Activation Template (5:25)
10. Shar-216 (0:23)
11. Architects Of Consciousness (6:20)
12. DA’z-a86.4 (0:34)
13. Aurora (4:34)
14. DU-*61.714285 (0:30)
15. In A Multiverse Where Atoms Sing (3:48)
16. A’jha108 (0:28)
17. Diamond Light Body (5:43)
18. Ec-ka72 (0:47)