courtney love,justice for kurt,nirvana,courtney love 2022,courtney love justice for kurt,justice for kurt song,courtney love kurt cobain song, COURTNEY LOVE Has Written A New Song Called ‘Justice for Kurt’ But Won’t Release It On Her Upcoming Album

Courtney Love says she has written a new song about her late husband, NIRVANA frontman Kurt Cobain, titled “Justice for Kurt”, but won’t be releasing it on her new record

Speaking with Marc Maron on this week’s edition (December 26) of his WTF podcast, the 58-year-old musician said: “We wrote a secret song that we can’t put on ’cause it’s only two minutes and 24 seconds, but it’s a rock song.”

“It’s called ‘Justice for Kurt“, she revealed before making a snide comment about it’s would-be listeners. “It’s great, but we’re like, ‘Okay, they’re too stupid. It would swallow the entire narrative. Rock does not stream.'”

Love continued, “It’s not worth it — it’s 2:24; it’s an earworm and a half. Okay, if I’m going to write a fucking song called ‘Justice for Kurt,’ it’s going to be a fucking earworm. But I am not putting it on that record to ruin my record. Right? Like, I do not need Kurt ruining more of my shit, okay? Thank you. Love you, but no.”

When asked what else Cobain ruined, Love replied, “He ruined every[thing]! … He’s a ruiner, the poor fucking guy.”

Kurt Cobain died by suicide at the age of 27 in April of 1994.

Courtney Love‘s band HOLE released their breakthrough record, “Live Through This”, in 1994, which was followed by “Celebrity Skin” (1998) and “Nobody’s Daughter” (2010). Courtney now records strictly as a solo artist.

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