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COREY TAYLOR To Launch Food Truck Business With His Wife

, COREY TAYLOR To Launch Food Truck Business With His Wife

SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor, and his wife Alicia Dove, are planning to launch a plant-based taco food truck.

Alicia initially hinted at the project last month, saying that it was something “completely new.”

In a new video interview with Rock Feed while isolating at home, Corey revealed that the food truck venture has been delayed by the need to stay quarantined.

“It was basically a [plant-based] taco food truck,” he said. “We can’t say vegan. ‘Cause there will be some dairy in there, some stuff in there. But the main focus was flavor, not just content. ‘Cause when people talk about vegan, they can become very pretentious… This was a way for us to combine [our love of food] with a healthier [lifestyle].”

Alicia added: “Because a lot of people don’t know this — we went plant-based in August [or] September, and we saw the benefits immediately.” Corey concurred, saying: “My cholesterol dropped, like, 80 point… I was even trying to eat better, and yet my cholesterol wasn’t going anywhere. And as soon as I [went plant-based], [the change in my cholesterol level was immediate]. It was pretty rad.”

Alicia said: “And we don’t wanna be super annoying about it, ’cause that can turn a lot of people off. It was just kind of a choice we made for us.”

Corey and Alicia got engaged in April 2019 and were married in October in their hometown of Las Vegas. The singer announced the engagement by posting an Instagram photo of his future bride wearing the ring that he gave her, along with the caption: “L’adorilust. Forever. And Ever.”

Corey and Alicia began dating after the breakup of Corey eight-year marriage with Stephanie Luby, whom he wedded in November 2009. Taylor was previously married from 2004 to 2007 to a woman named Scarlett, with whom he shares a son. The singer also has a daughter from an earlier relationship.

Alicia, who is a professional dancer and a member of the all-girl dance group CHERRY BOMBS, previously stated about Taylor: “I consider myself to be incredibly lucky to have found it in a strong, kind-natured, respectful, genuine, supportive, and loving man such as [Corey]. As silly and as cliche as it sounds, I didn’t know what real, selfless love was until him. His artistry, intelligence, and heart knows no bounds. He is my hero. My inspiration. My safe place.”

Corey called Alicia “my best friend, “my confidant, “my push and pull, my warm kiss and my welcome home.” He said: “She’s everything I ever wanted and more, all rolled up into the most beautiful woman in the world to me.” He added: “I thought I was lucky in life. But I never knew what it was like to REALLY be lucky… til I found her.”