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Check Out The New FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Song ‘Times Like These’


You can now check out the new FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH song “Times Like These“, from the band’s forthcoming album “Afterlife” below.

‘AfterLife‘ was hands down my favorite record to make,” said FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory. “It is our ninth album, so at this point we have legions of loyal fans and our signature sound is more than established. It became its own island, our ground zero we operate from and we can always come back to. So when we started this record, there was an excitement of impending musical adventures. We knew we could step away as far as we wanted to; there was a freedom of truly ‘anything goes.’ This resulted in an album that is way more diverse than our previous ones while it feels more unified, because there is a framework of overarching stories in Ivan’s [Moody, vocals] lyrics and interconnecting musical motifs between songs. It was not planned as a concept album, but we were so hyper-focused on painting a complete picture, it somehow feels like one… We are very proud of it and are just as impatient as the fans waiting for the release. Can’t wait to share it.”

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH‘s “Afterlife” was recorded at the Hideout Recording Studio in Las Vegas with famed producer Kevin Churko who has worked with the band since their 2009 release “War Is The Answer“.

Afterlife” is set to arrive on August 19 via Better Noise.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH “AfterLife” track listing:

01. Welcome To The Circus
02. AfterLife
03. Times Like These
04. Roll Dem Bones
05. Pick Up Behind You
06. Judgment Day
07. IOU
08. Thanks For Asking
09. Blood And Tar
10. All I Know
11. Gold Gutter
12. The End

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