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Check Out COREY TAYLOR In New Hip-Hop Video With KID BOOKIE


Rap-rocker Kid Bookie has unleashed the new track “Game” featuring SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor.

“Scream ‘Go fuck yourself!’ In the face of all gatekeepers,” Kid Bookie says. “Heavy culture is evolving and being part of the evolution with the teachers who taught us how to evolve is exactly where we need to be right now.”

Kid describes “Game” as “an obnoxiously loud, violent piece of music to reflect the tide of the mood: not everything is pretty, and sometimes mirroring that sonically is truth in audio.”

Corey Taylor adds: “This song is the perfect blend of smooth and violent. The tones are sick. Book and I are ready for all takers on it. Rated ‘C’ for ‘Crank The Fuck Out Of It!’”

Game” is released via Kid Bookie’s new deal with Marshall Records, with a full-length album planned for the fall which was produced by Billy Martin from GOOD CHARLOTTE.

“Evolve or die. These are the words that Kid Bookie embodies day in day out,” the label says of the London based hip-hopper. “Not content with being pigeonholed into the categories of rock, rap or metal, Bookie is a compound of all three. Negating not only genre conformity but conformity itself he fiercely blazes his own trail and picking up more than a few guests along the way.”

As for Corey Taylor, we can expect new music from SLIPKNOT in the coming days.