Extreme metal band BEHEMOTH are reissuing their 1996 album “Grom” on March 31

The LP marked the final album to feature drummer Adam “Baal Ravenlock” Muraszkoas as well as the final record to feature BEHEMOTH as a full-on black metal act prior to a move toward a more strait up death metal sound.

“Twenty-seven years since its first release, it’s time to give Grom it’s time in the spotlight!” said BEHEMOTH in a statement. “Our second album now re-issued with plenty of archived, never before seen photos and liner notes. It’s a beautiful collector’s item.

Grom remains a key piece of Behemoth history and I embrace it as much as any of our other albums. Behemoth would never be where it is now without it.”

The deluxe version of “Grom” will also feature a second disc named “Artefacts” featuring B-sides and live recordings from throughout the years. The CD version also comes with a 48-page hardcover book, while the vinyl version comes with a 24-page booklet. Pre-orders for the deluxe version of “Grom” are available at this location.

“Artefacts” track listing:

Freezing Moon
Total Desaster
Ostatni Tabor
Rising Proudly Towards the Sky (Rehearsal 1995)”
Dragon’s Lair (Cosmic Flames and Four Barbaric Seasons) [Rehearsal 1995]”
The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell) [Live at Pagan Triumph Tour, Netherlands, 1996]”
Spellcraft and Heathendom (Live at Pagan Triumph Tour, Netherlands, 1996)”
Lasy Pomorza (Live at XXX Years ov Blasphemy, Poland, 2021)”

BEHEMOTH frontman Nergal recently spoke about potential new music from the band, saying: “[Opvs Contra Natvram is] a new record, it’s a fresh record, of course, but for me it’s not new anymore. I mean, the [songs] are, like, what? Two, three years old. And I’ve got a bunch of ideas for future endeavors. Just don’t be surprised if you see or read that Behemoth is in the studio sooner than later.

“I’m sure next year we’ll be just doing something. I don’t know. Maybe something smaller; maybe an EP or something. I mean, I’m writing. I’ve got ideas. I don’t wanna stop. I have my moments that I get burnt out and I get bored and shit; there’s tons of things going, and the overall vibe in the world is fucking — let’s put it mildly — weird… But I don’t wanna stop.”

BEHEMOTH are also hitting the road throughout Europe starting in June, with the full listing of dates available below.

BEHEMOTH 2023 European tour dates:

6/4 Plzen, CZE – Metalfest
6/8 Gdansk, POL – Mystic Festival
6/9 Sölvesborg, SWE – Sweden Rock
6/11 Donington, UK – Download Festival
6/13 Pratteln, SWI – Z7 (w/ Vended & Gaerea)
6/15 Clisson, FRA – Hellfest
6/16 Dessel, BEL – Graspop
6/17 Utrecht, NET – Tivoli Ronda (w/ Hypocrisy & Imperial Triumphant)
6/18 Hannover, GER – Capitol (w/ Hypocrisy & SpiritWorld)
6/20 Karlsruhe, GER – Substage (w/ Hypocrisy & SpiritWorld)
6/22 Oslo, NOR – Tons Of Rock
6/24 Nummijärvi, FIN – Nummirock
6/28 Viveiro, SPA – Ressurection
7/2 Bologna, ITA – The Return of the Gods Festival