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BEARTOOTH Drops The New Single ‘Riptide’

beartooth riptide song, BEARTOOTH Drops The New Single ‘Riptide’

BEARTOOTH has dropped the brand new single, “Riptide” along with it’s accompanying music video which features frontman Caleb Shomo along with a group of interpretative dancers.

Shomo says about the new BEARTOOTH track: “‘Riptide‘ is about trying to start a new chapter in life and trying to stop focusing on all of the negative things that have been surrounding my life for quite some time and me focusing on being healthier, happier, and having a better time with my life.”

Caleb recently elaborated on the musical direction of BEARTOOTH‘s new material, saying: “I’m trying to kind of push myself in a lot of ways, try new things that I’ve never tried before, try and show off different parts of my voice that I haven’t used before. Yeah, it’s going to be a wild ride.”

With nearly two million monthly listeners on Spotify, BEARTOOTH has released four albums thus far: “Disgusting” (2014),”Aggressive” (2016),”Disease” (2018) and “Below” (2021).