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Bassist PETER IWERS: ‘There’s No Rivalry’ Between THE HALO EFFECT And IN FLAMES

the halo effect in flames, Bassist PETER IWERS: ‘There’s No Rivalry’ Between THE HALO EFFECT And IN FLAMES

THE HALO EFFECT is set to drop its debut album, “Days Of The Lost“, on August 12 via Nuclear Blast.

The band is made up of a group of former members of the band IN FLAMES, featuring Jesper Strömblad (guitar), Daniel Svensson (drums), Peter Iwers (bass), Niclas Engelin (guitar) and Mikael Stanne (vocals).

When asked in a new interview with “The Back Lounge” podcast about the perception that THE HALO EFFECT was formed to “stick it” to IN FLAMES, Peter said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “No, no, no. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Somebody said it to me perfectly… When you get that question, well, it’s like talking about your ex-wife. You had it, it was great at the time, but then you moved on. So THE HALO EFFECT started out of love for music — not at all to spite anybody or to create some rivalry; nothing like that at all. And it needs to be said, and it probably will be said a bunch of times. The love for music and the love for each other is a hundred percent what it’s all about.”

Peter also commented that forming a band with the sole intention of competing with someone else “would be totally the wrong reason” to do it. “Everything I do I base upon how I feel,” he explained. “I try to do everything with a good vibe and everything that makes me feel good, feel great. And that’s what it’s all about with everything that I do. So if I would ever start something to piss somebody else off, then it wouldn’t make me feel good, and I couldn’t keep on doing it. It’s real simple in my world, but I understand how people think that and how some people would like to think that. But there’s no rivalry. IN FLAMES, I was a member for 20 years. And it is what it is. It’s a great band and they always will be.”

THE HALO EFFECT made its live debut on June 11 at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

THE HALO EFFECT‘s first-ever tour will be as the support act for Swedish death metal giants AMON AMARTH and MACHINE HEAD on 31 dates throughout Europe in the summer and fall of 2022.

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