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mia wallace abbath, Bassist MIA WALLACE Returns To ABBATH

Mia Wallace has rejoined ABBATH, the solo project of former IMMORTAL frontman Abbath, as the band’s bass player.

Wallace, who has been a member of NERVOSA since last May, confirmed her return to ABBATH in an Instagram post on Monday (June 21).

After Wallace shared another pic of her time with ABBATH, with the caption, “we will be back soon!!!!”, a fan asked her, “Are you back playing with ABBATH?” to which she replied “yes”. Another fan wrote: “Hopefully you still playing with NERVOSA as well?”, to which she responded: “OF COURSE!!!”

Wallace originally broke the news of her exit from ABBATH in a January 2020 social media post, saying that she was fired by the band’s manager in a “five-minute phone call.” She added: “I was told not to contact anyone in the band. The explanation for this had no substance and just made more questions and confusion for me. Up until then, I had been preparing for the European tour as I had been told to do. I had to cancel other plans and get time off work for the tour, which I spent much time preparing for.”

NERVOSA’s latest album, “Perpetual Chaos” dropped back in January.  In addition to her work with ABBATH and NERVOSA, Wallace has played with TRIUMPH OF DEATH, NIRYTHTHE TRUE ENDLESS and KIRLIAN CAMERA.