avatar,avatar the dirt i'm buried in,avatar new music,avatar new album,avatar dance devil dance, AVATAR Premiere The Official Music Video For ‘The Dirt I’m Buried In’

AVATAR have released the official music video for the song, “The Dirt I’m Buried In“

The track is the second single to arrive from the Swedish metal band’s ninth studio album, “Dance Devil Dance“, which arrives on February 17th.

AVATAR vocalist Johannes Eckerström had the following to say of this latest track: “Our new album is designed to make you move and to move you. We destroyed all doubt with ‘Valley Of Disease.’ We blew the competition off the mountain with ‘Dance Devil Dance.’ Now the world is ours, and yours with us. The stage is set all that’s left to do is give in and join the circus. This is ‘The Dirt I’m Buried In.’ You are welcome.”

Dance Devil Dance” was recorded in the Swedish wilderness, far away from all the perceived glamor of the big city and modern studios. Jay Ruston (ANTHRAX, MR. BUNGLE, CROBOT, STONE SOUR, AMON AMARTH, URIAH HEEP) returned as producer. He first worked with AVATAR when he mixed “Hail The Apocalypse“, a role he reprised on “Feathers & Flesh” before taking the wheel as producer on “Avatar Country” and “Hunter Gatherer“.

AVATAR says: “You always hear bands say, ‘This is our best album yet.’ This is our best album yet. It is AVATAR at our most laser focused, at our most razor sharp. There’s no B.S., no extra fat. Every track is a weapon and has a purpose. It’s all in the title, as this album is our angriest, horniest and most spiritual release, all at once. It’s a must-hear.”

Last year, AVATAR announced its signing to Thirty Tigers and the launch of its own Black Waltz Records imprint. In addition, Eckerström and his bandmates unleashed four new songs which, according to the group, represented a taste of things to come.