Home News ATREYU Release The Remix Of ‘Warrior’ Featuring TRAVIS BARKER And ZERO 9:36

ATREYU Release The Remix Of ‘Warrior’ Featuring TRAVIS BARKER And ZERO 9:36

atreyu travis barker, ATREYU Release The Remix Of ‘Warrior’ Featuring TRAVIS BARKER And ZERO 9:36

ATREYU have released the remix for their current single “Warrior”, featuring BLINK-182 drummer Travis Barker and Zero 9:36. You can check it out below.

“‘Warrior’ has been a beast of a track since its release,” the band says. “It’s been such an amazing thing watching it grow and connect with the people. The time has come for a fresh take. Enter Zero 9:36. Same great ‘Warrior’ taste. New and improved ‘Warrior’ flavor.”

Regarding how the Barker collaboration came about, ATREYU frontman Brandon Saller told Detroit’s WRIF radio station: “That came really organically. John Feldmann, who produced the album — we’ve been making records with him for over a decade, and this is the third record we’ve done with him. He works really closely with Travis on a lot of [things] — he’s done many of the BLINK records, and does a lot of projects with Travis. So [Travis] is kind of in and out of the house pretty often, like a couple of times a week. Just, like, ‘What up, Trav?’ He’ll walk by and he’s talking to John, and then he leaves.

“When ‘Warrior’ came up, I had the concept of wanting to do a really big bridge that I wanted to feel like you were mid-bleachers at a high school football game — that energy of the drums and that kind of power,” Saller continued. “And I’m not a technically trained marching [band player]. I was never in a marching band; I never was a rudiment guy. I never did that. I just wanted to be like Animal from The Muppets and beat up drums. So I was, like, ‘I don’t wanna try and fake this, ’cause it’s not gonna sound how it’s supposed to. I wanna get someone that’s real.’ And, obviously, Travis is so good at that; he kills that whole realm. So he was stoked to do it. He came in and just laid down a bunch of layers on layers on layers, and it sounds like I wanted it to — like you’re in the middle of a football game… A song like ‘Warrior’, with the subject matter too, sonically, it needed to match the power of the lyric.”

“Baptize” marks ATREYU’s first album since the departure of vocalist Alex Varkatzas in September 2020.