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AS I LAY DYING Have A New Album In The Works


Southern California metalcore collective AS I LAY DYING are currently in the process of creating new material for their next studio album.

Vocalist Tim Lambesis said in a statement: “Life update… A couple Born Through Fire songs are currently being mixed while I’m also exchanging some really exciting demos with the As I Lay Dying guys. I even wrote some riffs/songs that could be used for Pyrithion tracks in the distant future. It feels really good to put so much energy into being creative while waiting to finally tour again.”

As Tim noted, we can also expect some potential new music from the newly launched BORN THROUGH FIRE project Tim formed with Joey Alarcon of WOLVES AT THE GATE. as well as some ideas for PYRITHION.

This all comes about a week after Lambesis had revealed the awesome news that we had new AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE also on the way.


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