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East-coast thrash veterans ANTHRAX are set to begin recording their next studio album

Speaking with Metal Rules, ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante was asked if his touring schedule with PANTERA will affect the release of ANTHRAX‘s follow-up to 2016’s “For All Kings” album. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “We’re actually going in two weeks to start recording the record. But it probably wouldn’t come out till ’24 anyway. But the good part about it is we are going in to start recording it. So that’s awesome.”

Discussing further why it has taken so long for ANTHRAX to commence recording the new LP, Charlie said: “If we didn’t get hit with this whole global pandemic thing, it would have been out probably two years ago, three years ago. But we all know what happened. But now, being that some of the songs were [written] before the pandemic hit, they’re old to me. So now there’s a bunch of new songs that kind of came in the mix. So that’s a good thing. You can never have enough… We’re still working on the older ones because we really like a lot of those.”

Benante and ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian sat down with Metal Edge back in January and revealed that the band had “11 musical arrangements”, as well as “some” lyrics, that they were working on for their next album. “Obviously, I’m going to be working on more words and we’re getting there,” he said. “I’m hoping at some point we’ll be able to get into the studio [this year] and record them.”

Benante also touched on ANTHRAX possibly releasing EPs in the foreseeable future as opposed to full-length albums.

“What if it wasn’t a full album?” Charlie asked. “If we released six songs and then we released another six songs. I know from a record company’s point of view that really doesn’t work, but in these days…”

“Yeah. It’s all so different now,” Ian said, jumping in. “SLIPKNOT‘s saying now why even make full albums anymore. I get it. I get all sides of it. I still love a full album, but at the same time I totally understand the idea of what’s the point of giving someone 11 songs. Most people don’t listen to albums anymore. So, yeah — why not parse it out? I don’t know. All I know is at some point in the next few months we’ll probably have 14 or 15 things and then we’ll have to decide when we’re going to record it and how we’re going to release it.”

“Think about it,” Benante continued. “If ANTHRAX released five songs and you have these five songs, and you absorb it in such a different way nowadays, too. I think that may be the way to go, rather than give everybody 11 songs and it’s like, ‘Oh — I only had a chance to listen to the first four or five.’ I don’t know. I just think maybe the business model is different.”

“And even for us, playing songs live it’s like, you put out a record with 10 or 11 songs on it with the idea that, ‘Oh man, I can’t wait to play this one live and I can’t wait to play this one live,'” Ian added. “On ‘For All Kings‘, we definitely didn’t play all of those songs at any point. I think there’s maybe six songs on the record that got played – and that’s it. I almost feel like you’re wasting them. I understand album tracks, but if you put out just five songs it would be easy to play all five of those on a new tour.”

“And easier to digest, too,” Benante agreed. “You would appreciate it more if it was just five songs and, ‘These five songs are fuckin’ killer. I can’t wait for the next five songs,’ knowing that we will release another five or six.”