According to guitarist Scott Ian, ANTHRAX’s sessions for their new album are going great

Speaking with Wall Of Sound‘s Duane JamesScott Ian offered an update on the recording sessions for the band’s follow-up to 2016’s “For All Kings” album. He said: “It’s going great. We’ve gotten nine songs so far. Charlie [Benante] recorded drums on nine songs, I’ve got guitars almost done on four. Then I came out on these [MR.BUNGLE dates.

“But Frankie [Bello, bass] and I are going to head back into the studio, like, first week of June to finish all the guitars and bass, work on some vocal ideas. Then probably vocals and lead guitars will start not long after that. Then there’ll be another drum session somewhere down the line, probably because there are more ideas that we just haven’t really had a chance to get tightly arranged yet. So there’ll be another drum session in the next few months.”

Discussing a potential release date for the new ANTHRAX album, Scott said: “I’m not gonna put any deadline or date on anything, but I’d like to think a record would be done by the end of the year. Then we’d be out starting again next summer, you know, probably. That’s a very loose, loose schedule, in my mind.”

It was announced earlier this month that IanBenante and Bello had been in the studio with producer Jay Ruston, laying down tracks for the new LP. Singer Joey Belladonna and lead guitarist Jonathan Donais had yet to commence their additions to the project, yet it was certainly underway.

At the time, Scott Ian wrote on social media: “We started recording the new album last week and the first session was a blast! The songs are killer, challenging and a lot of fun to play – Riff-O-Rama. Tones are 1986 great. Can’t wait for all of you to hear what we’re doing.”

Charlie Benante added: “We entered the studio and have begun recording our new record. I feel that the songs are next level for us. The first batch that I recorded were a bit challenging as far as my drumming goes. The next batch will be recorded in between my @panteraofficial schedule. I can’t wait to record the next batch… some great stuff coming! The persistence to spread the euphoric Music we worship among all you Kings ( and Queens) has always been our mission @anthrax”.