ANTHRAX have entered the studio with producer Jay Ruston to begin work on the follow-up to 2016’s “For All Kings” album

As of this point, it appears that Scott Ian (guitar), Charlie Benante (drums) and Frank Bello (bass) have entered the studio to begin laying down the LP’s bare bones tracks. Singer Joey Belladonna and lead guitarist Jonathan Donais will join the band at a later date to add their parts to the new material.

The album has no title or release date as of yet.

Benante was recently asked by Metal Rules if his extensive 2023 touring schedule with PANTERA would cause a delay in the release of ANTHRAX‘s new record. He responded: “We’re actually going in two weeks to start recording the record. But it probably wouldn’t come out till ’24 anyway. But the good part about it is we are going in to start recording it. So that’s awesome.”

Discussing why it has taken ANTHRAX so long to commence work on the new record, Charlie said: “If we didn’t get hit with this whole global pandemic thing, it would have been out probably two years ago, three years ago. But we all know what happened. But now, being that some of the songs were [written] before the pandemic hit, they’re old to me. So now there’s a bunch of new songs that kind of came in the mix. So that’s a good thing. You can never have enough… We’re still working on the older ones because we really like a lot of those.”

Back in January, Benante told We Go To 11 that ANTHRAX was planning to enter the studio sometime this spring to begin recording the new LP.

“Between the PANTERA [tour dates in 2023], we’re gonna be working on this record, this ANTHRAX record,” he said. “We’re hoping to have it finished before PANTERA go to Europe [in late May]. I have a little window after that, before [PANTERA‘s stadium tour with] METALLICA starts. At least if I get my drum tracks done, then the other guys can continue to work on it. That’s the plan. Unless something else happens, but hopefully nothing will happen.”

Photo credit: Travis Shinn